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XXI Century. The music industry is kept alive despite their bad habits that led to a cataclysm and left it mortally wounded. Those sounds that started the cultural revolution of the second half of the twentieth century from large urban centers in America and England indelibly marked the planet. Now with The Beatles the world would not be the same. The world went mad with Rock & Roll and South America was no exception.

Prime Ministers, the band that formed in Ecuador and plays Rock & Roll as it should be:
 With balls!

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Dec 3rd, 2014 La Ley Retour - Teatro Diana Guadalajara, Mex Buy
Dec 2nd, 2014 La Ley Retour - CCU Puebla, MEX

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01. From me

02. Take it back

03. Out of my mind

04. Revolution

05. Bottomless high

06. Never leave again

07. Now

08. Hole in the sky

09. Against the wall

10. Technicolor Dreams

What do you get with Prime Ministers? A plain and straightforward Rock & Roll album.

Songs like , "From Me", were written in 20 minutes. "Easy to say, but we wanted to express the feeling that had been there for months," said Pedro. "It is basically saying what more do you want from me?. Especially when one is giving their all to improve a relationship." "Take it Back" is a song about the damage that can be done when someone for whom you feel affection says or does something really hurtful, it invites us to think hard about what we say before it's too late." .

And there's plenty more. "Never Leave Again", "Now", "Technicolor Dreams"; issues that come as visceral as can be, without intermediaries, without hidden agendas, and in English, Yes English.