Prime Minister's Newsletter


Drummer for Prime Ministers since November 2015. Previously played for acts Rata Blanca, Airbag, Diego Torres and Pablo Olivares in his native country Argentina.


Front Man, Lead Vocals, Guitars, Pianist and song writer. Forming the band in 2007 and further evolving the band in 2015, “E” manages to kick things up several notches and show how multifaceted he is as a writer and artist and especially as a performer with “Asymmetric”. He unveils more of his range and manages to write hit after hit.


Alejandro Carrau “Ale” (bassist) for Prime Ministers.  In Argentina, he has played bass for The Carpets and played keyboards for bands such as:  Nova, Explorador Azul and Deformica was a soloist for the bands Juan Ravioli and Lucas Martí.  He now resides in Miami and exclusively plays bass for Prime Ministers rounding out this kick ass band!


Lead guitarist and vocalist with Prime Ministers since Aug. of 2013. Previously with groups John Bow and Number One Yankees.

Splitting their time between Ecuador and the Wynwood Art District in Miami; today Prime Ministers consist of Ernesto Estrada (Lead vocals, Guitars and Piano), Alejandro Zon (Drums), Shaggy (Guitars and Vocals) and Alejandro Carrau “Ale” (Bass). They’re set to make their mark with the release of “ASYMMETRIC” slated for the April 2017. Their sophomore album "NOW" was produced and mixed by Max Heyes (Oasis, Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Jamiroquai) and released October 2014. Their first album “TAKE A RIDE” was released in March of 2009 to critical acclaim in South America and garnered two top one spots on radio stations in Latin America and their single Far From Free went to Number 1 with MTV Latino. In addition, they were voted one of the top 50 best Latin American bands in 2009.

Prime Ministers are looking forward to introducing the US to their hard driving, melodic and well written rock. Combining an edgy swagger with their own personal influences, they create a sound that is individually theirs.

And now with two singles slated to be released by November and their long awaited newest EP “ASYMMETRIC" to be released in December, they are set to make their mark on the American Indie Rock music scene. Asymmetric is a collection of 8 songs all worthy of single releases and top one spots on American music charts. It’s simply a compilation of rock-n-roll hits and makes you scratch your eyes wondering if we’ve fast forwarded 10 years and Prime Ministers released a BEST OF album. Written by front man, Ernesto “E” Estrada, it is his perfection at its finest and was well worth the 1 year span it took to write, produce and have mixed.

Lead single; “New Beginnings” is a clap along & sing along ‘indie rock’ song with varying BPM’s that grabs you from the first verse. Although this song is known for its percussion parts, it has clean guitar riffs and vocals that just keep playing back in your head long after the song has stopped thanks to the anthemic hooks.

A crowd favorite and the band’s personal favorite, “Destructive Personality Boy” is a song that combines cool keys with memorable guitar and bass parts and the syncopated vocal parts that create a day long earworm after hearing it just one time. How do you get the song to stop playing in your head? We don’t know. We haven’t found the cure quite yet but it helps to listen to their song “Roots”. “Roots combines kick ass horn parts, piano parts and melodies to the usual Prime Ministers formula of bad ass guitar parts. It conjures up to listeners an alternative to Elton’s Benny and the Jets on speed. High energy and an overall feel good sing a long song is the sum of Roots. If “Roots” is high energy, the song “Give Me Some” is four consecutive shots of Café Cubano. A hi-octane song with hypnotic guitar parts, fun call out hooks and a hard driving drum pattern. Then, there is “So Simple” that slows up the pace but not the energy. A groovy almost psychedelic song that easily stands up proudly to bands like Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra or Grizzly Bear and says listen to me NOW while you’re kicking yourself for never learning the electric guitar. And finally the songs “WH Song” and “Satisfied” introduce simple arpeggio synths and round out the EP showing the maturity and growth the band has weathered since their last album. With the release of Asymmetric, Prime Ministers show us, sometimes things really are well worth the wait!